Me and the Old Man


The story of Me and the Old Man revolves around the as yet unnamed titular character, Me. For the sake of argument we’ll call him Marcus. This may not be his real name.

Marcus is a typical 21st century single guy. He lives all alone in an apartment, has an unsatisfying job that somehow incorporates computers and lives off of television and fast-food. That is until the Old Man arrived.

This is not Marcus father or even his grandfather. The OId Man (also unnamed but for the sake of argument we’ll call him Oscar) is actually Marcus’ great-great-great-grandfather (that’s 6 generations back for those keeping count).

Oscar has put a lot of hard work into making the future bright for his decendants and he has somehow managed to find his way into Marcus’ life in order to make sure that his investment is paying off.

Instead, Oscar finds that Marcus wastes his life watching terrible television and generally expecting that the world will fix itself.

My Descendant Shortly after the arrival of Oscar, a descendant of the two shows up from 200 years into the future. He has come with two missions. Firstly, to meet the legend and second, to prevent a horrible mistake from harming his timeline.

Just to give him a handle we’ll that starts with D we’ll call him Doug

Lisa is the very first character to have an actual name (not just one that starts with her code-letter).

This is the girl Marcus is in love with and although Doug has assured Marcus that Lisa is not meant for him he won’t give up the possibility that she might the one.

On Marcus’ very firt date with Lisa the other two decided that his life wasn’t confusing enough. Using tools found around the house (including a titanium spork) they managed to give Marcus’ PC sentience so that it could apply for it’s own credit card.

It called itself John Q. Citizen as it was the sample name on the credit card application form.







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