Me and the Old Man

November 23, 2008

The End?

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I guess I didn’t really want to admit this to myself but it appears as if I won’t be continuing Me and the Old Man for some time. It seems I can concentrate only on the comic or my technical blog and the technical one is a little more important to me at this stage in my life.

I’m not totally abandoning the project. I do have a story arc for most of the characters introduced so far and I’d like to tell it one day. I think when I do, it’ll be with an artist to help out.

Thanks to the great people at Toonlet for their awesome site and support. I would never have been able to write MatOM without toonlet. Thanks also to the fans (both of you) for reading. I hope you fun.

*sigh* Well I guess that’s it. The site will stay up. One day I’ll be back here.


September 7, 2008

020 – Staring into the future

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Wow. So moving house == no_internet for way longer than expected. On the off chance that anyone actually still comes here to check, here is the status of the guys.

August 9, 2008

019 – PEBKAC

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As recompense for missing a week you get an extra long one 🙂

018 – You’ve Got Mail?

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July 27, 2008

017 – A Swing and a Miss

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